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A bit about myself

My name is Daniel Wheeler and I have been taking pictures on and off for over thirty years. I first started to carry a camera when I started climbing with the Alpine Club of Canada. At the age of sixteen I sheepishly headed out into the mountains, what more could a boy ask for. Back then I took basic shots of wildlife and of the climbs I was attempting. As I look back the photos were very chronological in nature. Stop for a rest, take a picture, climb again, not much thought was going into what I was shooting just capturing the moment. Not much merit to the beauty of where I was or of the potentials. Though the action was set for getting to the top and I accomplished many feats the photos were lacking in any type of composition or deeper meaning. Finishing high school I heading to the mountains for ten years on I can say was the greatest learning experience one could live by in my mind. Always on the edge of hunger and always willing to the live to the fullest. But as for most of us life catches up and the reality of earning a living comes to ahead.  Marriage, family and work became what life was about. Looking back not a bad choice but a choice.

Though the years the trips have slowed I have started to gain in what I hope will be a start to a way of living. Slowing in my climbing and backpacking I have begun to actually see where I am and what I have to look forward to. I guess its an age thing.  I believe I have gained in composure and thought of detail and I hope that I can see the past as a means to the future. I am enjoying life more and look forward to what it will bring.

For all of you that wanted me to share my experiences here you go my work in progress At Peace Photos.ca. My experiences, my thoughts and glimpse at what I hope the future will bring. Enjoy the site and photos and if you see me with my camera stop by for a look.


Daniel Wheeler